Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 15 - March 13th

It looks like my longbunch onions, cucumbers and Zinnia's are thriving the most right now.  I can smell the onions when I open the lid. Check out day 15:

The big guys in this picture are the Zinnia's.

Here's another picture of the Zinnia flourishing.  To the left of them you can see the viola, sweet pea, fox glove, and some missing pellets ([ahem] MEMOW!).  To the right are chives and rosemary.

Alexis's four o'clocks!

The predominant growth here are the cucumbers.  Just to their left are the yellow pear tomatoes, and just below (top to bottom) are radishes, spinach, and longbunch onions.                                      

Cucumbers, yellow pear tomatoes, radishes, spinach, and longbunch onions, and the far top (4th row down from the top of the picture) is my Vivian lettuce.

Poor little swish chard!  It's hanging on for dear life (thanks to the cat).  I'll have to plant it this afternoon.

You can see the mangled swiss chard on the bottom.  The far right larger growth in the 4th row from the bottom is my caesar lettuce.

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