Monday, April 9, 2012

After some variant temperatures...

It's been a while since I've updated.  We had some swings in the temperature, but just prior to the drop I was able to get some of my veggies in the ground.  YAY!  It didn't really end up going in as perfectly as I had planned (go figure) but I was/am very surprised to see how well most everything is working out.  Well, so far so good anyways.  I dropped 'em in the ground on the 20th of March, and unfortunately the cucumbers did not survive the cooler weather.  Live and learn I suppose.  I have enough seeds to reattempt them - the cucumber challenge has been accepted!  I've also planted a few trees and built a compost bin.  Here we go:

Squash and it's little friend.  These JUST started coming up and they're quite hardy.  These were direct sow.

Radish, radish 2x4, can't fit through the bathroom door!  Again, a direct sow.  I think I used too many seeds.  Next step - learn how to thin these suckers out!

These are my yellow pear tomatoes.  I started these guys inside and they've been slow going, probably because of the cooler weather.

Not the greatest picture - rhubarb.

A special treat left by some sweet character that didn't touch a single thing in my garden, other than dropping a deuce on my onion sets.  So here's a picture of my onions.

This lettuce was started inside.  I planted 6 pellets outside on the 16th of March (thanks label) but only 1 survived.

Kale's lookin' good.  These all grow in rows that are about... 3'-4' long.  Another direct sow, and apparently in need of a little clean-up.

Strong to the finish (like you didn't see that one comin')... another direct sow.

Chard - direct sow.

Direct sow, homies!  I plan on eating lots and lots of salad!

I wish I had taken pictures through the building process, but alas I did not.  It was pretty simple.

My hydrangea that I planted last summer doing exceedingly well for their 2nd season.  I wasn't expecting anything until next year, soonest.  Hopefully they'll bloom!

Now, I took a picture of my lily of the valley simply because I haven't been able to see them growing like this.  The ferns come up first and kind of crowd them out.  I'm transplanting some of these ferns in hopes of thinning out this area, and allowing more space for these purdy little guys.

Again, not the best photograph but these are the sweet pea I started inside and after the cat got into my greenhouses a lot of stuff just died away.  These guys survived, and they're kickin' butt!  I plan on transplanting them elsewhere once they get a little bit bigger.

3 different kinds of Strawberries that I plan on hanging off my deck.  I'm waiting on the stain people to do their magic.

HOT PEPPERS!  I think there are 3 in there that survived the cat attack.  Here they are, waiting to go in the ground.

The very newest addition, Red Haven peach tree.  I am SO excited to see how this does.  It was kind of a pain to clear this area for it 'cause I had about a billion day lilies (that I hated anyways) growing right in this spot.  They don't look like much but man... their root systems are intense.

The blooms you see here will all be peaches come late July (or possibly sooner, depending on our warm weather).

I also planted 2 redbuds that my neighbors were nice enough to donate.  I will take some pictures, but if you're not familiar, you probably just don't KNOW that you know what they are.  They're the pretty pink/purple trees that bloom in spring.  The blooms are kinda neat - they bud right out of the tree, and the leaves are shaped like little hearts.  Awww... 

This isn't mine - just a picture I found online.

My goal is to have 'em like this.  Pretty, right?
I also have a couple different kinds of lilies coming up, and the girls planted 20 sunflowers (the mammoth kind)!  Speaking of mammoth kind, I planted some mammoth elephant ears as well.  I'll have to get some more pictures and update again tomorrow or something.  Anyways... until then...

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