Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 15 - March 13th

It looks like my longbunch onions, cucumbers and Zinnia's are thriving the most right now.  I can smell the onions when I open the lid. Check out day 15:

The big guys in this picture are the Zinnia's.

Here's another picture of the Zinnia flourishing.  To the left of them you can see the viola, sweet pea, fox glove, and some missing pellets ([ahem] MEMOW!).  To the right are chives and rosemary.

Alexis's four o'clocks!

The predominant growth here are the cucumbers.  Just to their left are the yellow pear tomatoes, and just below (top to bottom) are radishes, spinach, and longbunch onions.                                      

Cucumbers, yellow pear tomatoes, radishes, spinach, and longbunch onions, and the far top (4th row down from the top of the picture) is my Vivian lettuce.

Poor little swish chard!  It's hanging on for dear life (thanks to the cat).  I'll have to plant it this afternoon.

You can see the mangled swiss chard on the bottom.  The far right larger growth in the 4th row from the bottom is my caesar lettuce.

Day 8 - March 6th

Well, it seems my cat has taken quite an interest in my seedlings.  She continually knocks the trays over, pulls the peat pellets out and shreds the netting.  This has thrown a wrench in the spokes of my spreadsheet, since she's pulled out more than a few at a time so I'm not exactly sure which was what but I've done my best to keep them in order and hopefully she didn't stunt their growth too much.  Let's push forward, shall we?

Here's my cat (MeMow) stalking the seedlings.

 The following pictures were taken on day 8, which was March 6th.



You can see where the humidity inside the greenhouse has caused some mold to grow.  I just scraped it off and left the lid slightly open so air could circulate.  


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 3 - We Have Growth

Here we are at day 3 and I already notice some growth!  YES!  

The captions on the photographs reflect which greenhouse (first number) and which column(s) (second number(s)). 

It's hard to see in this picture, but there's a small, white stem growing from the pellet furthest to the right.  I'm especially surprised by this one since the germination period is 14-20 days.

1/12 = Chives, Garlic

All my lettuce and spinach can go in the garden as soon as the ground is soft so I'm pretty excited about these.
2/9 = Lettuce, Little Caesar

These next 2 pictures are the Zinnia's.  This one has progressed the most out of everything, but doesn't surprise me much since the germination period is 7-10 days.

3/6-7 = Zinnia, Purple Prince

3/6-7 = Zinnia, Purple Prince

This is what the bloom will look like upon maturity.  Gorgeous!  I'm not sure where I'm going to put these yet but I can't imagine I'll have a difficult time placing them.

Purple Prince Zinnia bloom