Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Grow Shelf and Seedlings

So I built myself a "grow shelf" over the weekend,transplanted some of the seedlings that were doing really well and set them under the grow light, and planted some new seeds.  Lets have a look, shall we?

I used 9oz. Solo cups (since they were the next size available from the teeny tiny Dixie's) and cut  some drain holes in the bottom.

I planted them in a 50/50 mix of regular top soil and compost.

They were getting pretty spindly under the full spectrum light. I may have to get back in there and add a little soil to them, but they're under a grow light now, so that should help too. [fingers grossed]

I'm really excited for these.  I love these tomatoes.

I have a few...

Under the grow light.

I had no idea what to get, so I purchased what I could find in the size that I needed.
I bought a 22" florescent fixture at Home Depot for about $20, which at the time, I thought would be ok, but the bulb was hard to find.  Also, it needed to be wired for electricity, so instead of adding an on/off switch I opted to just leave it on the plug (if that makes sense), since I intend on setting them on a timer anyways.  This is the fixture on my second shelf.  The top shelf, however, is set up with a fixture I bought at Menards, already wired (with an on/off switch) and came with a grow light, all for the super awesome price of $12.99.  I tried to stay as low cost as possible with this venture - wish I had done more research on the fixtures before pulling the trigger, but aw well.  The clamp light on the bottom was $6 at Menards and the full spectrum light was also purchased there, for around $4.  The heat pad I have on the second shelf was about $20, and I bought the shelf at Walmart for $15.  As this operation grows, I intend on moving everything into the garage on some wire shelving, but for now, this works.  I probably spent about $130 on all this, but could have saved myself $50 if I bought both fixtures  at Menards.  Also, I saved $20 on the heat pad, but I plan on purchasing a real one so you can probably do this for $100, shelf, fixtures, bulbs, trays, seeds, etc.  If you want a list, just let me know

The top two are grow lights, but different sizes.  The top is a T8 and the middle is a T5.  The very bottom is just a full spectrum (6500K) bulb on the very newest seedlings.  The very top shelf are the oldest of the bunch.

I'm actually just using a normal heating pad on these guys since I happened to have one that I wasn't using.

The grow lights give off a pinkish hue, so that's why the pictures look tinted.  Here are my Coleus (top), Pumpkin on a Stick (left), and Sweet Peppers (right).

Coleus seem like slow growers, but goin' strong.

Big Moon Pumpkin!  I didn't expect this must action already.  I planted these guys  4 days ago.

Super Sweet 100 Hybrid Tomato

Asian Radish

Envy Zinnia (my last go didn't make it)
As always, I love feedback, so please feel free to leave comments or email me.  Happy gardening!

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