Monday, June 25, 2012

Living Large

Just another photographic update.  Enjoy!

Not the BEST photo, but my first zucchini from the garden.  PROUD MOM! 
The pumpkins are kinda taking over.  These will NOT be a raised bed experiment next time around.

Pumpkin from another angle.  Even though they are spilling over the sides, they quite obviously would have taken over the whole bed had I not added that trellis.  I get the feeling I will need to add another one.

I was so concerned with the cucumbers since this was my like 2nd-3rd go, and only 2 seedlings survived.  They're kickin' butt now though! 

See my little baby cukes!

The only strawberries that really worked for me were these, the sequoia.  I have 2 other varieties with not a single berry on 'em.  I don't know enough about them, but I thought they were all supposed to mature at the same time.  Suggestions?

Lex loves coming out and eating them straight from the garden.


Oops, back to the pumpkins... this is incredible:  One of the vines were growing SO strong it pierced through one of the leaves.

Right through to the bottom. Isn't that amazing?  I was so impressed.

Pumpkins coming...

Something likes my okra more than I do.

Here's my squash (zucchini and yellow summer crookneck).  You can tell my the different leaves which is which.

On the left are soybeans (Edemame), Ice Box watermelon in the center (slow going), and heirloom mix bush beans on the right.

Japanese Beetles are here and trying to ruin EVERYTHING!  I've sprayed my deck pots down with soapy water, but with the sun blazing, it's scorching the leaves.  Also, the beetles seem to be laughing at me.  Suggestions? 
Poor little carrots being shrouded out by the squash.  I'll have to fix this today.

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I'm so proud of myself.  I never though my gardens would turn out as well as whey have.  Thank you to everyone who's lent me a hand throughout this season so far!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Garden Is Hap-hap-happy!

Zina and a "Hummingbird Mix"

Zina on it's way...


I never planted Viola?  This is in my pot with Snapdragons!

My Gladiola never bloomed.  What gives?

Yeah, yeah... I know I need to weed but this is my Comfrey.

What a peach!

Something's eating them, and they didn't grow as well as I anticipated but still glad I gave them a go.

PUMPKIN!!!  You know what this mean!


It's happening...


Squash going crazy and the Okra workin' it's way in.

Pumpkin is growing over my peppers.  I'm gonna have to move the peppers into a different cell to let them get sun.

Yellow Pear tomatoes ARE HERE!!!

I'm so proud.  These guys I started from seed back in April and they've been in this location since end of March.  Wow!

Just when I'd given up hope on my Coleus...

First Hydrangea blooms.

My other Hydrangea blooms (also first)

So, I didn't realize my camera lens was streaky before I started taking these photographs.  I did the best I could and I think they turned out okay.  This put a huge smile on my face today.  Happy Father's Day, ya'll!