Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 8 - March 6th

Well, it seems my cat has taken quite an interest in my seedlings.  She continually knocks the trays over, pulls the peat pellets out and shreds the netting.  This has thrown a wrench in the spokes of my spreadsheet, since she's pulled out more than a few at a time so I'm not exactly sure which was what but I've done my best to keep them in order and hopefully she didn't stunt their growth too much.  Let's push forward, shall we?

Here's my cat (MeMow) stalking the seedlings.

 The following pictures were taken on day 8, which was March 6th.



You can see where the humidity inside the greenhouse has caused some mold to grow.  I just scraped it off and left the lid slightly open so air could circulate.  


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